How to delete Windows Trojan Inspector Manually and Safely

March 4th, 2012

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Have you got the popup of Windows Trojans Inspector? Do your antiviruses fail to delete it? Why? How to get rid of Windows Trojans Inspector permanently? This post will tell you more about the Windows Trojans Inspector infection and guide you to remove Windows Trojans Inspector manually and safely. Read it carefully, you can get your answers here.

What is Windows Trojans  Inspector? (Description:)

Windows Trojan Inspector pretends as legitimate security software to lure the computer users to buy its fake license key, but actually, it is a rogue computer problem. This rogue program belongs to a big family of fake applications; its original versions were called Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Smart Partner and so on. Although the computer criminals are changing the names of their fake programs, the harmful properties are the same. Usually, Windows Trojans Inspector is spreading through using the fake online security scanner pop-ups. When you visit some websites, you will get a message to pop up to tell you that your computer has been infected by the virus and you will be suggested to use Windows Trojans Inspector to delete them. But you shouldn't believe such these messages, because Windows Trojan Inspector uses these fake messages to spread.   So please don't hesitate to remove this rogue software from your computer immediately.

Windows Trojans Inspector Symptoms:

* Windows Trojans Inspector will constantly redirect your internet connection and tell you that you are browsing unsafely.

* Your computer is acting slowly. Windows Trojans Inspector slows down your system significantly. This includes starting up, shutting down, playing games, and surfing the web.

* Searches are redirected or your homepage and desktop are settings are changed. This is a symptom of a very serious Windows Trojans Inspector infection.

* Windows Trojans Inspector will shut down your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. It will also infect and corrupt your registry, leaving your computer totally unsafe.

* You are getting pestered with pop ups. Windows Trojans Inspector infects your registry and uses it to launch annoying pop up ads out of nowhere.

How to Get Rid of Windows Trojans Inspector


One: We need to stop Windows Trojans Inspector processes in the task manager first.

Two: Let's open the Registry Editor, search and remove Windows Trojans Inspector registry entries listed here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Windows Firewall ConstructorAgent.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Windows Firewall Constructor "
HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Windows Firewall Constructor″

Guide To Open Registry Editor For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP

Three: All Windows Trojans Inspector associated files listed below should be removed:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%Start MenuProgramsWindows Firewall Constructor
%UserProfile%.Windows Firewall Constructor
%PROGRAMFILES%Windows Firewall Constructor
Windows Firewall Constructor.lnk
Windows Firewall Constructor Agent.lnk
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)% Windows Firewall Constructor Windows Firewall ConstructorAgent.exe
%PROGRAMFILES(x86)% Windows Firewall Constructor Windows Firewall ConstructorUpdater.exe

Note: To be cautious when you try to remove Windows Trojans Inspector manually. If you don’t have sufficient skills to deal with registries entries, dll. files and program files. That would be dangerous to do it yourself. Need experts’help? You can get help from Tee Support Online Technical Support Team with No Fix No Pay Policy.

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